the CLIMB Studio

            at 1622 Bull Street


This is our place to be creative

    We started as a consortium of individual artists who shared an upstairs painting and sculpture studio at 1622 Bull Street.  Located on the upper floor of the historic Crawford/Clarkson House, the studio was a long ways up; hence, the name “The CLIMB”.  We’re still here, but there’s more to it than that.

    Over time, we ended up with a lot of other guys hanging out with us - people who needed to try expressing themselves somehow.  To give them the chance at that, we expanded from painting and sculpture to drawing, drafting, engineering, literature, music, theology and innovation.  Yes, that’s a broad list, but it’s working for us.


    We are a professional art studio, and we recognize the distinct opportunity we have in downtown Columbia.  Our mission is threefold:

  1. We encourage each other to walk in a manner worthy of our Christian calling;

  2. We encourage other men to be expressive in their chosen areas; and

  3. We encourage and enable young men to accomplish things they’ve not done before.

We are divided into five sections of activity at The CLIMB.


    The top floor of The CLIMB is devoted to painting.  Professional artists Henry Foster, Craig Houston, Steven Whetstone, and Lee Monts have their primary studios here.  You can see and purchase works by these artists in the galleries at The CLIMB, on this and other websites, and at other local galleries.  Commissions are welcomed - after all, we are a professional art studio.  Many collections around the Midlands include works by The CLIMB artists.

    Other artists are sometimes invited to join us on a more casual basis when we share ideas.  A few works of all of these artists can also be seen at The CLIMB galleries.

    The studio and its galleries are open during normal business hours.


    The middle floor houses our latest venture - music.  A concert grand piano has been installed in the old formal rooms of the house and is being used for practice and recitals.  We’re working on developing a concert series and a lecture series.


    Part of the middle floor includes a large library devoted primarily to theology but also including history, literature and art.  Work tables (as well as study carrels in the Quiet Zone below) are available  for use by students, authors, and others using the books.


    Part of the ground floor includes an area dedicated to quiet study.  A coffee maker, study carrels and tables are available for individual work - whether that be academic study or away-from-the-office work. 


    The rest of the ground floor contains an incubator for starting businesses.  Even though each individual here is working on his own thing, none is alone.  The fact that they are located close together and that men experienced in finances, marketing and management are available to them at The CLIMB encourages them in their efforts.


    We consider it to be a good thing to be a third place as long everyone keeps being creative. 

    (You may want to Google or Wikipedia the concept.)

    Oh, did we mention that we have four kitchens and that lunch is served almost every day in the dining room?  The conversation is always lively.


The CLIMB Studio

    1622 Bull Street

    Columbia, SC  29201

Henry Foster,

Administrative Principal